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History - Who Were the Loyalists?

The colours of the re-created King's Royal Regiment of New York
March, 2004
In 1776 a group of Colonial citizens living in the British 13 colonies (now the United States) declared their political independence from Britain. Many living in the Colony did not agree with this declaration, and decided to side with the King. These people were known as Loyalists or Tories.

During the War that followed, many of these Loyalists joined military regiments and served as soldiers, officers, labourers and musicians.

After the Revolution, the Loyalist regiments were disbanded, and the people were given land grants in the province of Quebec, which today stretches from Southern Ontario to the East Cost of Canada. These settlers brought with them their political systems, religions, businesses, farming and social ideologies that are still prevalent in modern multicultural Canada. Adolphustown and the surrounding areas were hot spots for Loyalist settlements.