Calendar of Events 2019
Jun 16-17
Black Creek Pioneer Village
Jul 1
Bath Canada Day
Jul 21-22
Fort Ontario, NY

Perth Graveside Dedication

Last weekend (May 22-24) after shaking out the cobwebs, following the winter off-season, the Loyalist Fifes and Drums visited Perth’s Old Burying Ground. The weekend-long event was organized as a rededication ceremony
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Black Creek Pioneer Village

The second last weekend in June, the Loyalist Fifes and drums appeared at Black Creek Pioneer Village for the second time in two years.
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Ft George Fife & Drum Muster 2009

LFD once again joined a number of other fife and drum corps for the Ft George Muster at Niagara-on-the-Lake. To everyone's delight, the Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums drove the distance from Virginia to perform with the Muster regulars.
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Fife and Drum Corps Honoured with a Drum Major's baldric

At The Rose House Museum on September 19th and 20th 2009, the Loyalist Fifes and Drums were presented with a ceremonial Drum Major's Baldric, on behalf of the old and retired Fifes and Drums of the King's Royal Yorkers.
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2010 Season Kicks Off With Lansing Manor

On the weekend of May 17, 2010 the Loyalist Fifes and Drums traveled into the Mohawk Valley for the first event of 2010.
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News - Under the Redcoat at Colonial Williamsburg

Drums beating "To Arms" at final parade
On June 28th and 29th, the Loyalist Fifes and Drums made the long trek to Virginia to participate in the unique living history event called "Under the Redcoat" at Colonial Williamsburg.

Under the Redcoat is a 'by invitation only' event, which brings together some of the hobby’s most elite units to portray the monotonous duties of the British army. We participated in the taking of the city, daily duty calls, guard duty, Sunday church service and the march out of town. In spite of the more tedious nature of some of the weekend's duties, The Drums found additional means of diversion. Watching the senior corps of Williamsburg Fifes and Drums at one of their practices was one of the highlights of the weekend. As one of the finest Fife and Drum corps in the world, LFD members were suitably impressed and inspired. Members also explored the town, jumping for adventure arresting (disappointingly harmless) escapees who snuck past the guards.

The Drums played a prominent role throughout the weekend. As the largest musical unit in attendance, The Loyalist Fifes and Drums enjoyed the opportunity to practice their repertoire and prove that being young does not mean members are not up to the task. One of the highlights was beating Taptoo down the Duke of Gloucester Street on Saturday evening, where we stopped at each pub along the way to call out the soldiers to return back to camp. We were led by torchbearers and accompanied by the Sergeant Major, followed by some of the rowdy tavern patrons being led back. Full uniforms in the evening after a hot day dazzled all who watched.

Colonial Williamsburg was a more than spectacular site. Surrounded by restored historic buildings and streets complete with cavalry and carriages, the large camp fell nicely into place. All members slept in their tents in town: accurate to the period down to the bedding and dampened shirts in the corner. Tourists were, of course, welcome in camp to observe, photograph and ask as many questions as desired. The garrisoned units added to the active feel of the already animated site.

The weekend was the hottest "Under the Redcoat" event ever. The temperature reached 104 degrees before accounting for the humidity. Needless to say, canteens were kept full, and plenty of fluids kept members on their feet without any heat related incidents. This is not including an accidental heat-induced full-corps slumber party that ended abruptly when members were suddenly surrounded by patriots as they dozed. No one was injured.

Despite the extreme heat the corps played well, and left looking forward to the next pilgrimage back to this incredible location.