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News - The Brockville Parade 2012

Formed up and ready to go!
Named after Major General Sir Isaac Brock, it is very fitting that our first true event for the 1812 Bicentenary celebrations was held in Brockville. We gathered at the Brockville Armoury along with a contingent of infantrymen from the Canadian Fencibles, another from the Brockville Rifles (c.1862), and a local pipe band. We set off to the Drum Major’s familiar call “Lilly, Gary, Bashful” and advanced, at the ordinary, toward the Brockville Court House.

Upon arrival at the Court House we halted and witnessed the ceremony which included descendants of Major General Brock, local politicians, men of the cloth, and local historians (military and art). The highlight being the unveiling and rededication of the Hamilton MacCarthy bust of our famous war hero.

With the ceremony at an end we descended the gentle slope away from the Court House, under the bronze gaze of Sir Isaac Brock, we played Washington’s Artillery (sorry, we just like the tune). The silvery tones sounded sweetly among the historic stone and brick buildings of Brockville.

To Major General Brock a hearty Huzzah!