Calendar of Events 2019
Jun 16-17
Black Creek Pioneer Village
Jul 1
Bath Canada Day
Jul 21-22
Fort Ontario, NY

Canadian Forces Army Ball Performance

We're famous! …but only if you were at the 2013 Army Ball or have an Internet connection and know how to get to The YouTube.
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F&D Muster 2008: A favourite event at a favourite site

The weekend of August 16th and 17th saw LFD return for its third Fife & Drum Muster at Fort George. Also in attendance: two new members, one bugler and zero ghosts.
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Loyalist Days Return to Prescott

After a decade-and-a-half hiatus, the King's Royal Yorkers and other Crown Forces units (including the Loyalist Fifes & Drums) returned to the historic city on the St. Lawrence.
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Fort George Regulars Return

July 19th and 20th, LFD appeared at Niagara-on-the-Lake's Fort George once again. This time however, with some new blood! It was a solid weekend at a favourite site with friends both new and old.
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Leading the Parade, Canada Day 2008

July 1st, The Loyalist Fifes and Drums joined the celebrations on our nation's birthday. Marching in the popular Bath Canada Day Parade once again, The Drums led the way with the same tunes that led the Loyalists over two centuries ago.
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News - Ft George Fife & Drum Muster 2009

LFD's red coat joined a rainbow of uniforms at the 2009 F&D Muster at Fort George.

August 15-16, 2009 The third weekend of August saw LFD’s return to the Ft George Muster at Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was a six hour haul (more for some) in a full vehicle with a full trailer. For such a significant event, our turn-out was somewhat humble. This year, five returning members were joined by new fifer Kierstan MacFarlane.

Also in attendance were THE COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG FIFES AND DRUMS, who drove 43 members over 500 miles to play for the day at the Muster. The letters O-M-G have never been more appropriate in a news article.

The sun and high humidity also made an extended appearance.

Having survived the voyage there, members faced two long (hot, humid, demanding and roaring) mass music parades. Activities and demonstrations throughout the day kept everyone truly on their feet. Luckily, LFD snagged several bunks in one of the blockhouses and slept in luxury. Fifer MacFarlane sweated it all out (literally) swimmingly (literally) well. Snaps for that!

Everyone polished up, from shoe buckles to scabbards. Several touted new sword belts, and next year will see a full compliment of sworded drummers, as they will all have earned their hardware. Of all the Drum Majors, our own Drum Major Mike Putnam turned out as the most lace-bedecked. He survived the weekend with only a few “bling” and “strut-master” jabs while marching proudly and somewhat flamboyantly with his shiny crown-topped mace. One must not forget the white gloves. Snaps to Mike for wearing more glitter than any other man this writer knows. Next on the list: an equally shiny Fife Sergeant’s uniform, and a more respectful online author.

Saturday night was an even greater success than expected. Saturday’s traditional after-dark mass music was as lively as always. Everyone from Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums veteran and leader Lance Pedigo to fresh-blood fifer Kierstan MacFarlane partook. The night’s meet-and-greet was even more diverse than usual as LFDers were challenged to meet someone new and report back to Drum Major Mike Putnam. Technically, the challenge would have been a better success if a certain Drum Major had stayed up past 6:30pm.

In other news, while said Drum Major slept fitfully, his fifers were allowed to experiment with something of a questionable substance: haggis. All was well (!) and no one was harmed in the experiment (except the sheep).

Lastly, a well-deserved shout-out goes to Fifer Christine Smith, who wore her LFD groupie shirts to work in small town Bath Ontario, instead of her uniform in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Luckily, no one went without their coffee and peace was maintained in the sleepy town. Extra snaps, Christine for keeping the caffeine levels in check and inventing 13 766 new ways to barter for others to take your Muster shifts.

Overall, this year’s Muster surprised everyone. Even with a low turn-out and oppressive heat, several factors more than over compensated. Williamsburg’s appearance and the realization that haggis is edible (!?) make the list. No drums forgotten or ambulances called made this year’s Muster a success on its own.

Check out our photo gallery to see the weekend in colour!